Making Chicken... Without the Bird

It’s time to re-frame the conversation about quality, meaty protein.
"Scalable, sustainable and packed with flavour. This is what meat looks like when you bypass the ‘middle-man'"

Some people don’t eat meat but still want to have that taste and texture, some people want to eat less meat but still want to have that taste and texture, some other people just want to eat tasty food and that’s it.

We want to give people a choice. A good one.


Tell us what you would do to make this product incredible

A unique challenge

Imagine if you could create chicken again. What would you keep and what would you change?

So far, we’ve kept all the interesting bits like protein content and texture, then weaved in some jaw dropping flavour and and freshness. We’ve given it some fat to help it grill like chicken does and it’s made from a core protein blend exclusively from plants. Winning.

The products

The Mighty Chick#n.

We use data , food science and biochemistry to make deliciously fibrous plant-based poultry products and ingredients.. First up, chicken.

As the team masters poultry, it will make ingredients developed for The Mighty Chick#n available for use in many different food applications. From clean label preservatives to novel animal-like fats, we want to make sure that our customers everywhere have the best options, whatever they decide to eat.

Sharing a mission
The People
I’m a scientist, a problem solver and an animal lover. I like to improve things in general so I started with this inner motivation to improve my everyday cooking routine and select better food in the process. Then I bumped into these two and began looking at the issue through a macro lense. So I thought 'let's try and improve the entire food system'. Why not?
Louiza Sophocleous
Co-Founder / CTO
My entire professional career so far has been built on making food safer. Being an analytical chemist and looking at things from the 'inside', made me realize that we had to take real action if we wanted safer and healthier food across the board. Where better to start than by improving existing inefficiencies. Right?
Lygia Eleftheriou
Co-Founder / CSO
I tried going fully plant based years ago and it worked well for me. Along the way though, I kind of missed certain food textures, so being an entrepreneur, I naturally started thinking ‘how can we make that?’. The truth is, there's a lot of work to be done to fix the broken food syetem but I think we can play our part in building a better food future for everyone. That's why we do this.
George Vou
Co-Founder / CEO
Why we do this..

We know that we can do so much better than the food system that exists right now.

It quite literally comes down to food production efficiency. If we can eat the same great tasting thing, that starts at the same source, but skips the super inefficient part of the process, why wouldn’t we?.

This crazy simple diagram says it best..and George was able to draw it himself so that helps. Good job buddy.

What would you choose?
Jump into this TED talk from our CEO to take a better look at the maths of meat and where we can take the future of food.
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