We are so excited about TGI Fridays new menu offering: the Plant-Based Chick*n Classics.

In collaboration with TGI Fridays, we've revamped classic menu items, replacing animal protein with a vegan alternative. Basically, we've swapped the chicken, with Chick*n!

This initiative aims to innovate and meet the growing demand for meatless options that don't compromise on taste or texture, meaning that diners still get the same amazing experience and all the flavours that they're used to.

The new Plant-Based menu features delicious items like Plant-Based Bao Buns, Sesame Chick*n Tenders, and Cajun Plant-Based Chick*n Pasta!

Our collaboration with TGI Fridays is a partnership that emphasises our shared commitment to offering exceptional and delicious plant-based alternatives. For TGI Fridays, finding a partner who could meet their high standards for taste and quality in new menu offerings was essential.

Our range of products aligns with TGI Fridays stringent quality criteria. Our reputation for technological innovation in designing and producing plant-based products, both in Cyprus and internationally, has set us apart in the industry.

"Being chosen by TGI Fridays is a testament to our team's hard work and dedication. We're excited to see our collaboration bring a new dynamic to the dining experience," says Giorgos Vou, Co-founder & CEO of The Mighty Kitchen.

This menu expansion at TGI Fridays is more than just adding new items; it reflects a profound shift in consumer preferences towards vegetarian options. It's clear that plant-based dining is not merely a trend, but an evolving lifestyle choice.

Starting October 3rd, the Chick*n Classics menu, a result of our exciting collaboration, will be available across all TGI Fridays locations in Cyprus. Guests can enjoy these new offerings for dine-in, takeaway, or via delivery through various food delivery apps.