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Choose a TMK digital concept then apply for exclusive ownership of your location

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Be selected as our store partner, gain access to our top secret recipes and menus.

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Start selling without any extra costs, only extra opportunities

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We currently have MITTS stores available in your region .

MITTS is a street food concept designed by TMK with mind-blowing flavour as the central promise. Check your chosen location and start time to see if we can partner with you.

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The Mighty Kitchen makes delicious plant-based dishes designed to make your customers go wow

We have some criteria listed in the next section to help us make the right choice for all parties as we move forward. When we pick a partner, we target long term relationships where we can help you grow.

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This is where Mighty is different .

You use your premises and existing fixed costs. We deliver all of the ingredients you need along with training on how to execute. Then TMK markets and drives traffic to your page digitally while you encourage your customers to look for you online too.

Good deal.

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